The Transfer Window - The Madness Begins!

 With the transfer window upon us, the madness has begun. Teams all over the Premier League are anxiously seeking to bolster their squads in order to compete for the riches that the EPL provides.

What This Site Will Bring

Arsenal Transfers Will Be Highlighted and Examined

We will bring you the best of the transfers, mostly focusing on London clubs. We will try to pay little attention to the hundreds of reported transfer targets that are little more than clickbait.

There will surely be a plethora of great transfers over the next few weeks. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride, it is sure to go down to the wire!

Which Clubs Will We focus on?

Of course, the best of the action happens in two key locations:

  • London
  • Manchester

Because of this, we unreservedly will focus on these clubs. In addition, the have the main priority of supporter base, not only in the UK, but right around the World, where the English Premier League is revered.

Have A Great Story?

If you have a transfer story, that is based in fact not fiction, then please send it to us!

We will print any reputable transfer story, with or without your long as the information can be corrborated.